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Toddler Program - Three Year Old Program

Diverse Learning Environments


The Ocean:
Toddler Program

Our toddler room is for children approximately 18 months to 2 years old.

The toddler experience provides these children with the opportunity to discover their world while building their cognitive language, motor, and social skills through daily play and interactions with caregivers.

Community Early Childhood Center has a large, age appropriate outdoor playground area to encourage the development of large motor skills and to help release some of that toddler sized energy!

The Jungle and The Arctic: Early Two’s and Two Year Old Program

Our Two Year Old program starts with a book to base the daily activities.

Our lead teacher prepares a lesson plan to include fun, learning experiences and exploration for the children.

Our learning centers include Art, Discovery, Dramatic Play, Table Toys, Floor Toys, Library, and Housekeeping areas for the children.

As the children learn their ABC’s and 123’s, we recognize the importance of developing their social skills as well as potty training.


The Safari:
Three Year Old Program

As three year olds grow and learn, they are developing a sense of who they are and Community Early Childhood Center offers an environment which encourages positive self esteem, opportunities for independent play and, opportunities for social interaction.

Our structured daily routine still allows the child to have choices throughout the day to help in developing that sense of self, but teaches them the discipline of a preschool learning environment.

Exciting literacy-based activities are shared with the children to make their experiences with learning fun, leaving them wanting more, and looking forward to what they get to learn about next.

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