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Caring for children is a tremendous and challenging responsibility. This non-profit business is a service offering quality child care. Tuition not only pays our staff to plan an implement this quality program, but is also used to purchase food, equipment, toys books, art supplies, necessary improvements to the building, professional training and materials for staff, insurance and much more. With this in consideration, the following is Community Early Childhood Center’s policies regarding rates, methods of payment, contracted hours, and vacation.



An infant and a non-infant combination will be billed at the infant rate plus the 2nd child rate.

There is a 4-day minimum charge for all children enrolled. These can be full (over 5hrs) or half days (less than 5hrs). Exception: School age children have a flat rate during the school year if we are transporting them.

Reduced Rates are available based upon income guidelines (See Sliding Fee guidelines below)

If a family decides to re-enroll at the center within the year, they will charged a discounted re-enrollment fee of $10.

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