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Four Year Old Program - School Age Program

Diverse Learning Environments


Four Year Old Program

Singing, dancing, laughing, playing, learning, and exploring – this is what you will find in our 4 year old classroom.

Our experienced teachers provide stimulating activities, positive experiences with books and learning centers incorporated into a daily lesson plan.

Technology in the classroom offer a jump-start in learning for these future Kindergarteners.

We feel it is our job to help prepare your child as much as we can before they begin their journey into Kindergarten.

The Dugout/Stadium:
 School-Age Programs/Stadium:

After a full day of school, we want to offer the kids an enjoyable time with their friends. The school-age children love the hands-on activities and experiences we offer. The gym area and large outdoor playground to play ball, games, dance, climb, ride bikes, etc are always a big hit. As we encourage the development of new friendships, we pride ourselves on the positive staff interactions and fun activities we plan for the children daily.  This leaves the children wanting to come back the next day.

Our Summer School-Age Program is undeniable the best place to be for the summer while mom/dad are at work. We offer a safe, healthy, active and FUN environment with daily field trips for the children. These trips include: picnics & cookouts at area parks, swimming lessons, water-parks, movies, roller skating, bowling, etc. The daily planned activities are prepared with the idea of promoting the child’s creativity and experiences with as much child-directed planning as possible. The children are offered small group choices, a sense of belonging, and planning opportunities to reach their own interests.


to/from School

Community Early Childhood Center will provide transportation to elementary age children to and from school for 6 of our area schools which include: Cooper, Butler, Duncombe, Riverside, FDMS, and St. Feelhaver schools.

To guarantee availability in the fall, parents must sign up for the transportation program in the summer.

Children will be transported in our licensed and insured daycare vans driven by teachers who have a Chauffeur’s Driver License through the Department of Transportation (DOT).

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