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Payment &  Pricing

Tuition Rates and Required Fees

Caring for children is a tremendous and challenging responsibility. This non-profit business is a service offering quality child care. Tuition not only pays our staff to plan an implement this quality program, but is also used to purchase food, equipment, toys books, art supplies, necessary improvements to the building, professional training and materials for staff, insurance and much more. With this in consideration, the following is Community Early Childhood Center’s policies regarding rates, methods of payment, contracted hours, and vacation.

Child Care Rates

Classification                                   Daily Rate

6 weeks-36 months:
Full Day (5-10 hrs)                             $37
Half Day (< 5 hrs)                                $32
2nd Child (under 3yrs)                       $33


Over 36 months of Age
Full Day                                                 $34 
Half Day                                                $30


2nd Child
Full Day                                                $27    
Half Day                                               $24


More than 2 Children
Full Day                                               $25
Half Day                                              $23


Children Transported to 4-Yr Old PreSchool
1st PreSchooler                                                                                                   $135
2nd PreSchooler                                                                                                 $130


School Age: K-12 yrs *
Above RATES apply to School Age kids during the summer months
School Age with transportation to school……………… $125
2nd School Ager with transportation to school……..$120


School Age w/ no transportation to school……$20 before or after school
School Age w/ no transportation to school….$24 for both before & after school


* Early out and late start days are included in these rates
* For any full days your School-Ager attends daycare, the daily rate will be $34

4 Day Rate










5 Day Rate










General Tuition Information

An infant and a non-infant combination will be billed at the infant rate plus the 2nd child rate.

There is a 4-day minimum charge for all children enrolled. These can be full (over 5hrs) or half days (less than 5hrs). Exception: School age children have a flat rate during the school year if we are transporting them.

Reduced Rates are available based upon income guidelines (See Sliding Fee guidelines below)

If a family decides to re-enroll at the center within the year, they will charged a discounted re-enrollment fee of $10.

Vacation Days

Full time (5 days/week) families are granted 10 vacation days each calendar year, beginning Jan 1st and ending Dec 31st, for which the family will not be charged.

Vacation days are prorated for a family’s 1st year depending on their start date.

Sliding Fee Scale

Community Early Childhood Center offers a sliding fee schedule to families who qualify. When necessary, the Food Program Application is filled out and the center will check the income level to see if the family is eligible for the discounted child care rate.

Families who qualify for a 10% or 15% reduction on their child’s weekly Tuition

Department of Human Services and Promise Jobs Families

It is our policy at Community Early Childhood Center to allow families to attend the center that use the Department of Human Services or Promise jobs. The following guidelines apply:

  • The children must attend the center a minimum of 4 days per week.

  • Any co-payments required are to be paid weekly.

  • All other center policies apply.

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