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Infant Programs

The Barnyard & Aquarium


Infant Rooms

We have 2 Infant Rooms, The Barnyard  (6 weeks – 12 months) and The Aquarium (12 months – 18 months).

Parents will find experienced, nurturing caregivers who want nothing more than to make them and their baby’s daycare experience, a comfortable one.


We have many specific regulations and guidelines that we are expected to follow, in the infant rooms especially. Community Early Childhood Center wants to ensure that parents are comfortable with the polices we have to follow when caring for their children. Some of the policies may be altered because of doctor’s medical opinion or parent opinion. Parents should feel free to come discuss any of the policies with the Director.

We are dedicated to creating a flexible schedule for all babies, which cater to their individual needs.


Infant Activities

Our activities in the infant rooms focus on creating relationships with other children and caregivers as they have their first experiences away from home.

Children are moved from activity to activity throughout the day, including tummy time. Infants will not be in the same infant “equipment” for more than 30 minutes at a time.


Infant Room Menu

Community Early Childhood Center offers Enfamil Lipil formula to any families who want to use it. Breast-fed babies are welcomed and encouraged at the center. Breastfeeding moms are welcome to come to the center and feed their babies or bring in the breast milk daily or frozen.

We will provide cereal, fruits, vegetables, and other foods, when your child turns 6 months. If you wish to do so sooner, you can provide them.


Community Early Childhood Center provides baby food for infants. Once a baby is ready for baby food, parents are to inform the caregiver. Once the child is ready to eat table food, menus are available in advance for the parents to look over, and determine what their child can try.

Infant Room Nap-Time

Infants 6 weeks to 18 months are placed on their backs to sleep.  Children are never propped up (with a “boppy” or blanket) in their crib. Blankets are not allowed to be placed in cribs of children under the age of 1 year. Infants are not left sleeping in car seats, swings, bouncy seats, etc for more than 10 minutes.

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