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Diverse Learning Environments

Teachers in Our Classrooms

Community Early Childhood Center is required to have a certain number of teachers per room depending on the number of children in attendance. We determine the teacher to child ratio by the youngest child in the room.

This ratio is set by the Department of Human Resources as follows:

  • Infants and Toddlers (6weeks – 23months): 1 teacher for every 4 children

  • Two Year Olds:  1 teacher for every 6 children

  • Three Year Olds:  1 teacher for every 8 children

  • Four Year Olds:  1 teacher for every 12 children

  • School-Age Children:  1 teacher for every 15 children

Curriculum / General Program Information

Lesson Plans are prepared on a weekly basis by the Lead Teacher in every classroom.

We offer a Literacy-based Curriculum for all the children in our care. Each classroom has a designated age-appropriate book scheduled for every week of the year. This book is the basis for the activities and the learning environment that the teacher will create for the week.

We also implement Creative Curriculum Learning Centers which offer the children a variety of new educational and social opportunities in Dramatic Play, Art, Blocks, Toys and Games, Library, Discovery, Sand and Water, Music and Movement, Cooking, Computers, and Outdoors.

As the children play and socialize they are encouraged to explore their world while learning several different skills. The teachers will interact with the children to encourage learning, by asking questions and sparking the child’s interests.

Rest time is scheduled for every classroom with children under the age of 5 years old.

Each classroom has different goals and opportunities for the age group they care for.

Moving Classrooms

It is our expectation that parents and the staff will work together when a child needs to move from one age group to the next. Community Early Childhood Center does an annual class move at the end of the summer session for those children who are age-appropriate and developmentally ready.

Throughout the year, as children grown, there will be other opportunities to move to the next classroom. Your child will be assessed to determined his/her readiness to move from one age group to another.

Moves are based on the needs of the child, developmental criteria (i.e. mobility or potty training), and the occupancy of the classrooms.

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